Robert Cook

Licensed Physiotherapist, Owner, Head Coach

Bob was born in Oregon and like most kids lived for recess and playing school yard pick up sports, foot races and riding bikes.  This is where his love of movement began.  He loved the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment that came from the exertion. Through the years Bob played on organized teams in football, basketball, baseball, swimming, track, and cross country. In high school he also began practicing Karate. He graduated from Redmond High School in Central Oregon. It was then that Bob had a desire to serve his country, so he enlisted in the United States Navy to become a diver and a submariner. While in the USN Bob served as a weapons specialist, scuba diver and rescue swimmer on the USS Sea Devil, a nuclear powered fast attack submarine. After being honorable discharged he attended the University of South Carolina working towards a major in exercise science and then the Medical University of South Carolina where he graduated with a Masters in Health Sciences and a Bachelors in Physical Therapy. Bob then returned to the Northwest to become a sports and orthopedic physical therapist. He spent 2 years working under a North American Institute of Manual Therapy instructor where he was able to gain valuable mentoring in the art and science of manual therapy. During this time, Bob became very aware that while there are some movements that an individual cannot get without skilled manual therapy, there are a majority of injuries that could be avoided with proper training and progression. In 2003 Bob established Cascade Physical Therapy (since renamed Performance Physiotherapy), his own private physical therapy clinic. In 2008 he formed The Workout, a CrossFit affiliated gym. Bob’s vision was to create a gym where individuals could come together to work on perfecting the movements that would prove valuable in almost any human endeavor. He uses his knowledge and training in human movement to create an environment where individuals are able to push the limits of their abilities and do so with minimal risk of injury.