PROFESSIONAL DESIGNED PROGRAMS – It is no secret that the best way to make progress is to have a plan. You put in the time, effort and sweat. Make sure your plan is matched to your dedication and goals. Let us use our extensive education and experience in strength and conditioning to design a program that will create the body that you have been wanting.

PROFESSIONAL GOAL SETTING – We will talk you through the goal setting process to ensure you are getting what you truly desire from our programming. This is a heart to heart with your coach to help you better visualize your success and finding meaningful mental and emotional anchors for when the going gets tough.

INDIVIDUALIZED TRAINING PROGRAMS – Our programs are personalized based on the assessments that we have every client undergo. There is no way to deliver a truly effective program without assessing your capacities and then applying that to your program design.

PROGRESSION BUILT INTO PROGRAMS – Progression is the name of the game. If you’re making progress towards your goals, then you will be motivated to continue to achieve them. We build in progressions to every program design that we do.

PROFESSIONAL COACH ASSIGNED TO EACH INDIVIDUAL –Each client is matched with a  coach that will personally help you goal set, design your program, as well as review your workouts and update your program through a state of the art interactive coaching tool.

Basic Performance Program Package

Includes: Initial Assessment Performance Testing and Monthly Individualized Program Design
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Ultimate Performance Program Package

Includes: Initial Assessment Performance Testing, Individualized Program Design, Daily Program Updates Based on Performance, Unlimited Coaching Email Support
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