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Bob Cook MHS, PT

Bob has been dedicated to the study and practice of kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics and nutrition since he was young.

After a tour in the US Navy where he was a submariner, diver and rescue swimmer he pursued a formal education in exercise physiology and eventually physical therapy. His first job in physical therapy disillusioned him with the modern medical industry. He began using his extensive knowledge and experience integrating "functional movements" and teaching people how to use their bodies long before it was considered mainstream. This led him to pioneer the first CrossFit gym in Vancouver, Washington and became a competitive CrossFit athlete, coach and gym owner. Bob currently competes in obstacle course racing. His dedication to functional movement, medicine and nutrition has remained strong and he has now partnered with his wife who is an Osteopathic Physician and Functional Medicine specialist.

Physical Therapist Designed Programs

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  • PROFESSIONAL GOAL SETTING so that you are getting what you truly desire from your programming and have a clear mental vision of what you want to accomplish and what it will take to get there.

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Start putting all your hard work into a plan that will deliver the results you deserve.

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[…]I couldn't do a pull up unless I had a band. Last week I was able to do the five rounds of 800 meter run and 15 pull-ups and I did all pull-ups unbroken!

[…]about the same time you started up Off The Grid, I was suffering from constant body aches and fatigue. I saw the doctor and after being negative for rheumatoid arthritis he thought I was actually suffering from depression. He gave me a prescription that I never filled, instead I started working out with you on a regular basis and quickly started to feel better. Now I didn't become some great athlete, compared to others, but today I feel great, physically and mentally.

- Shannon T., electrical engineer

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Rest assured you have a professional who will help you goal set, design your program, review your workouts and customize your program. They'll keep you accountable through a state of the art interactive coaching tool.


Perfect your form

You will be able to see video demonstrations for all movements so that you can know the key coaching points of each movement.

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Download the software

View, complete, upload video and report on your training and your coach can review, adjust and provide focus points for future training sessions for perpetual improvement.


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Upload videos for review by your coach so that you will be able to fix your specific movement pattern.

Purpose and progress are the top 2 values that come first to my mind. There is a focused purpose to my training with specific strength and endurance exercises that help me attain set goals as well as enhance my everyday life. The individualized programming that focuses as much on my weaknesses as it does on my strengths is creating a balance that in turn has led to more progress with way less injury! It's comparable to a great doctor who knows his patient and works right along side to bring about optimal health.

- Terree, Multiple Time Spartan Beast Age Group Winner and Teacher

What Bob provides is a package deal, where everything intentionally used together is much more than any of its individual parts. Bob has a thoughtful structure that helps with short term goals and steady progression to long term goals. He provides constructive criticism and advice at the right times that keeps me focused and makes me aware of what's holding me back and what I need to work on. His consistent encouragement, even when things didn't seem to go quite right, helped to keep me moving forward in the right direction. Bob really cares how I do and wants me to do well, and even with self-motivation, that makes a huge difference. He's gotten to know me well enough to know--sometimes better than me--what I can do and where the potential is.

Karen T. Podiatrist, Mother and Athlete

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Don’t waste your valuable training time! In 4 weeks time you could be a doing the same training sessions, getting lethargic, over/under-training, taking time off for aches pains and injury or you could be faster, stronger, more enduring and full of energy.

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