Accept, Engage, Overcome


These 3 word define what we do and what we expect from our clients at Off The Grid Fit.

A lot can be written about each of these words, what they mean collectively, and why they were chosen to guide our thoughts and actions.

Here is the short version for what these three words mean to us:

ACCEPT: We are honest with ourselves and each other. We are willing to start any journey from where we are at, not where we want to (or think) we should be. We have made a commitment to work through all the necessary steps to achieve our goals and know that short cuts seldom give a valuable return on invested time.

ENGAGE: We begin to develop our strategy of how we are going to achieve our goals, then we get to work implementing that strategy without delay. The best day to start is the day you realize what needs to be done. Anything less and you have not fully ACCEPTED your current situation.

OVERCOME: We see our strategy in action, we have gained traction further defining and redefining our strategy, which comes from the experience of implementing it. We eventually reach a point where our strategy has become so ingrained in who we are that it is no longer the challenge it once was.