Founder of Off The Grid Fit, Physiotherapist, Head Strength, Endurance and Conditioning Coach

Changing the way people think and feel about fitness by providing clarity, helping them realize their full potential and live with purpose.

Bob has spent the last 25 years training, treating and working with athletes from a wide array of sports. During this time he has developed a system that allows athletes to realize their full potential in strength, endurance, conditioning, and injury resilience. Bob doesn’t believe in an upper limit to an individual’s progress. “No matter how far anyone has travelled, there is always another step that can be taken, another stone to be overturned”. He has a pereptual eye towards progression and believes “No one workout can make you and it shouldn’t break you”. Bob’s passion is sharing with others to help them to achieve the best version of themselves.

Let Bob design a program that will help you achieve your potential