Jarred Telles, Kendra Preuninger and John Anhorn part of Off The Grid Fit team at the Gorilla Takeover in Portland, Oregon.

Event highlights

John Anhorn:
-Overall placing 10th
-On WOD 1 John was in a heat against a good friend of his. It was 50 wall balls, 50 cal on Fit Bike, 50 cal row. John got off the Fit Bike 30 seconds after his friend. He then proceeded to beat his friend by 10 seconds with a time of 5:42 which tied for 3rd place on that event.
-John hit a PR in the Thruster ladder with 205lbs.

Jarred Telles:
-Overall placing 7th
Jarred Telles 265lbs thruster at body weight of 180lbs taking 3rd place in that event.

Kendra Preuninger:
-Overall placing 7th

I couldn’t be more proud of the team and their effort. Now onto the next goal!