“Purpose and progress are the top 2 values that come first to my mind. There is a focused purpose to my training with specific strength and endurance exercises that help me attain set goals as well as enhance my everyday life. The individualized programming that focuses as much on my weaknesses as it does on my strengths is creating a balance that in turn has led to more progress with way less injury! It’s comparable to a great doctor who knows his patient and works right along side to bring about optimal health”


Multi-Time Age Group Spartan Beast Winner and School Teacher

“I’m amazed at the changes that have taken place in my physique and level of fitness”

“Bob put so much thought and effort into our programming.  His knowledge and commitment to sound body position and movements really separate what he does from others.”


Business Owner, Black Rock

It’s apparent that the things I learned from you on more of the Physical Therapy level really set me apart from the rest of the coaches that I currently work with. Things like the importance of external shoulder rotation, strengthening the rotators of the shoulders and hips, abdominal bracing, cervical bracing, etc…”


Firefighter/CrossFit Coach

Has as it really been seven years since it all started??  I remember those evenings in front of your house with the guys, I couldn’t do a pull up unless I had a band.  Last week I was able to do the five rounds of 800 meter run and 15 pull-ups and I did all pull-ups unbroken!  

I never told you but about the same time you started up Off The Grid, I was suffering from constant body aches and fatigue.  I saw the doctor and after being negative for rheumatoid arthritis he thought I was actually suffering from depression.  He gave me a prescription that I never filled, instead I started working out with you on a regular basis and quickly started to feel better.  Now I  didn’t become some great athlete or have any outstanding PR’s, compared to others,  but today I feel great, physically and mentally.”

Shannon T

Electrical Engineer

  1. Thoughtful structure that helps with short term goals and steady progression to long term goals
  2. Constructive criticism and advice at the right times that keeps me focused and makes me aware of what’s holding me back and what I need to work on
  3. Encouragement even when things didn’t seem to go quite right to keep me moving forward in the right direction
  4. Really caring how I do and wanting me to do well, and even with self-motivation, that makes a huge difference
  5. That you’ve gotten to know me well enough to know sometimes better than me what I can do and where the potential is (like that first MU)

I know that’s more than 1 or 2 so sorry if wordy – it’s just that it’s a package deal – they all matter!

BTW, a new PR for back squat today at 155 – I think I could have gone 160 or maybe 165 but didn’t want to hold up the class


2 year CrossFit Masters Regionals Qualifier and Podiatrist

“With the expertise of Bob and persistence in my recovery I was able to re-enter the gym and begin tackling the WOD’s and having a clear vision of how to progress, I was able to slowly build back my strength and endurance. Without him, I could never have rehabbed my shoulder and gotten back to pushing as hard as I can day after day.”

Shannon P

Wife, Mother and Athlete

“Thank you so much for all that you have taught me. I feel like I learned so much working with you and the other coaches.  Thank you for helping me through all of my nagging body imbalances and helping me to discover how to still workout and stay fit even when I have minor injuries to overcome. “


Dental Office Manager

I just wanted to send an message and tell you have had a huge impact on my life the past 6 years. You’ve made me love working out and value healthy living. More importantly, you’ve helped give me a confidence in myself to push myself harder than I thought I could. I’ve been able to set and achieve physical goals I would have never even considered dreaming about six years ago.  You’ve had such a huge impact in my life, and if I can avoid diabetes I will give you full credit. So thank you!”


Wife and Mother