How is Off The Grid Fit Different Then CrossFit?

One of our athletes was asked the other day, what is the difference between Off The Grid Fit and CrossFit? Here is my response:

“I think that you bring up a great question. It is true I have been heavily involved with CrossFit since 2007. CrossFit has done a great job of branding functional fitness, but it has it’s limitations. 

What makes Off The Grid Fit different?
1. I am a physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience working with athletes.
2. I specialize in creating programs for individuals who have specific goals. I have athletes who just want to be pain free and others who want to summit 13 mountains in one climbing season. This is a bit more then CrossFit can cover.
3. Every training session I program is designed to set up the athlete for success in the next training session, which allows for consistent progression. This is not a haphazard approach.
4. I use “functional varied fitness” to achieve the athlete’s goals and I collect specific data from our athletes for each training session. Using this data I am able to provide a superior framework for that individual to succeed and help them navigate training in order to realize success while minimizing injury.”

5. I do not focus on any specific time domains such as the most common 10-20 minute “Metcon”. Depending on the athletes goals I will program from a few seconds to multi-hour sessions.
6. Intervals play a big part in my programming, but how I have my athletes do them that makes all the difference.
7. I strongly believe that if you are sore after most training sessions, then you are doing something wrong. Your body is not adapting as well as it should.
8. I am not afraid of using time tested science and sports performance methods and then using my experience and the experience of my athletes to help my them to reach their goals.
9. Competition is a great catalyst for performance enhancement and enjoying your sport. It has a dark side as well, with compulsive behavior and athletes pushing themselves into severely shortened athletic careers.


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