Kendra Preuninger

Kendra Marie Preuninger, Off The Grid Fit client

Kendra is a dedicated athlete who is already in competitive condition for CrossFit. We are working with her on getting stronger and better all around conditioning so she can achieve her goal of competing on a higher level.

Here are a few of her recent accomplishments:

– Kendra started doing legit chest to bar pull ups just a few months ago.
– 2 months ago Kendra had a nasty habit rounding her low back on the first pull of the snatch, which was causing her to loose power. We placed her on a snatch progression and by the end she is rock solid from start to finish.
– Within the last month Kendra went from doing 0 muscle ups to doing 30 muscle ups for time in under 30 minutes.
– A month ago she was also doing 4 toes to bar at a time and now she is doing 10.
– Today she hit an overhead squat single of 165lbs (30lb PR!) and made a solid attempt at 175lbs.