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What to Expect From Physical Therapy

Performance Physiotherapy

Physical Therapy Services Provided:

  • Comprehensive Physical Therapy Evaluation
    • A thorough examination of any injury resulting
      • Pain to muscle and joints
      • Weakness
      • Loss of coordination
    • Includes a specific treatment plan to restore the body to pre-injury condition or better
    • Includes combination of manual therapy and movement strategies
  • Physical Therapy follow up visit
    • Re-examination to ensure treatment plan is providing consistent improvement in healing
    • A step by step progression to restore normal function following injury
    • Combination of manual therapy and corrective exercise
  • Body Alignment – 30 minutes
    • A skilled combination of manual therapy and corrective exercise to restore optimal body alignment and performance
  • Therapeutic Massage- 30 minutes
    • Focusing on soft tissue to release restrictions and restore optimal motion and tone
  • Movement Prep – 30 minutes
    • Ensures optimal range of motion and muscle activation patterns prior to a specific athletic event
  • Performance Taping –
    • Kinesio and Rock Taping provide several days of neuromuscular feedback for correcting specific abnormal movement patterns
    • Allows some unloading of targeted tissues to allow faster healing
    • Decreases tightness in over stressed muscles
  • Iontophoresis –
    • Anti-inflammatory steroid is applied to an electrically charged patch to deliver the medication into the targeted area without the need for injections.
  • We will supply the codes needed for an individual to submit cash based services for reimbursement from their insurance company.
  • Select contracted insurance can be billed through our office

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