Mixed Modal is the use of multiple “modes” or types of movement in training and/or competition. Some examples of Mixed Modal Competition and Training are Triathalon, Strong Man, Cyclocross, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and CrossFit to name a few. Even single mode athletes such as runners, would benefit from a Mixed Modal approach for the reasons covered below. I estimate that Mixed Modal exercise is superior to single modal exercise for fully developing functional fitness potential in about 90% of individuals. Mixed Modal training works so well for a multitude of reasons. A few of those are that when you constantly use the same movement pattern time and time again you will quickly become neurologically fatigued in that specific movement. Therefore it becomes less effective. Many people today are striving for “constantly varied” or “muscle confusion” with exercise, but they have no idea why they are doing it. By not knowing why you are doing something, it makes it very difficult to measure and adjust the variables associated with that activity to achieve optimal results. ┬áThe idea that your body won’t respond because it needs confused is so backwards. The reason your body does well with variety is that consistently placing the same stress on it over and over fatigues the nervous system and the tissues. Then the progress stops and if the athlete continues, injury usually eventually follows, which forces the athlete to take a break and find alternative movement patterns. Then once they return to their primary chosen movement patterns they feel renewed and set PR’s. Why do you or any athlete have to go through that process? There are so many good ways to vary the stress that there is no need to pigeon hole yourself into just a few and be open and exploring new movement patterns WHILE YOU ARE HEALTHY you will avoid the work, stall, injury loop.