Mountain bike racing is a great way to test your limits while improving your fitness and bike handling skills.

Most mountain bikers enjoy riding trails recreationally for a long time before thinking of racing. As riders spend more time on trails they see their fitness and skills improve, which naturally leads to the question, “what more can I do?” This can turn your thoughts to racing to test your limits.

After a cuople of races everybody wants to get faster. That’s what racing is all about. However, too many people fall into the “I’ll just ride more” mentality. While you may see some improvements in fitness and skill, the time invested quickly becomes a hiderance to improvement (unless your a professional rider).  You need to be able to see improvement where less is more. This is wheen a structured plan comes into place. Most riders will start with a generic plan, see substantial improvement and then realize, that just like riding more miles, it only takes you so far. Then they realize that the investment into personalized training plans are the way to go.

Mountain bikers as a whole are generally and independent group who love to hit the trails hard.  You don’t have to buy a road bike or give up your dirt time to benefit from structured trainiing.  Imagine riding the same trail you have ridden for months or years, but now as part of the plan you are to do 5 minute intervals over the same terrain, with enough rest between to make those 5 minutes pretty intense. You could get several 5 minutes “mini races” in during your session while practicing recovering on varying terrain. It is a whole new and exciting challenge that will push your speed, endurance and skills to a new level.