Making the trip up a 14,000 foot mountain should be both successful and enjoyable. Having the proper training and equipment are essential to make this a reality. Your training plan should focus on cardiovascular endurance, strength to weight ratio, core stability and flexibility. Part of your training time to make it up a multi-hour or multi-day climb you should include practicing a solid hydration, fueling and pacing strategy.

There are eighty-nine peaks in the United States meet or exceed 14,000 feet. Many are technical, requiring glacier travel or vertical climbing skills. Your FREE training plan focuses on the non-technical 14,000 footers, that will test your planning and preparation against a long day (or two) of hiking at altitude.

In preparing to tackle a 14,000 foot peak you should plan to train at least five days per week. There are interval days, full body strength sessions, longer steady state cardiac output, and one day to be a training hike or bonus steady state cardio session.