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Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) requires specific training just like running a marathon or racing in a triathlon. However, the skills required are very different. To do well at obstacle course racing you will first need to have endurance. Add to that good upper body strength, balance, agility and grit. The great thing about OCR is that with the addition of weighted carries and other strength orientated obstacles, it helps to level the playing field so while running may benefit the smaller lighter athlete, the carries benefit the larger stronger athlete.


What you get: An 8 Week Program that includes running, lifting, calisthenics and weighted carries and that will prepare you for any racing course from 3-8 miles.

It covers everything from speed, strength, endurance, balance, stability and race-specific skills. In addition you will receive critical do's and don'ts when it comes to race day, so you can enter your race with confidence.

How is it delivered: This program comes in 2 formats.

  1. Our stand alone product is the PDF version which is a one time purchase and is available for immediate download.
  2. Our Off The Grid App version delivers the program to you daily and allows you to record your daily training with reps, rounds, distance, time, as well as uploading videos of yourself performing the training. When you purchase this version it includes two 30 minute consultation with a coach (one every 4 weeks) to review your videos and daily training record and provide guided focus for the next 4 weeks or race day strategy.

Who is this for: For the athlete that has a base level of fitness and can run 3 miles and perform basic bodyweight movements like the pushup, pull up, and squats. It is also for the intermediate athlete who wants up their game and take their competition to the next level.


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Don’t waste your valuable training time! In 4 weeks time you could be a doing the same training sessions, getting lethargic, over/under-training, taking time off for aches pains and injury or you could be faster, stronger, more enduring and full of energy.

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