Off The Grid Fit

OFF THE GRID FIT is a training system with a primary focus on MIXED MODAL TRAINING and Performance utilizing the best of STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY TRAINING and ENERGY SYSTEMS TRAINING that pulls from an unlimited number of movements and functional patterns to create the most balance and sustainable strength and conditioning  programs available 

It was born out of a love of functional movement of all kinds, no matter the source and the desire to share this with others.

Movement is a God given gift and we feel that there is a deep desire for all humans to express themselves through movement. How this is expressed can vary greatly.  Whether your an Olympic Lifter, Gymnast, Triathlete, Dancer, Musician, or any combination of these. While the specific demands of your functional movements may vary from another’s, there are some basic systems that must be optimized and in good working order to enable the full expression of an individual to be fully developed.  We want as many people as possible to actualize this desire throughout their lives, not just for a season. 

We believe that you should make every movement in your day count, by taking the hard earned motor patterns created in training and applying it as often as possible throughout your day. 

If your looking to PR in Olympic Lifting or get stronger for Gymnastics or be able to practice your chosen craft without consistently taking time off due to injuries, we can help! We are the experts at reverse engineering a goal, showing you the steps to achieve it and then make it sustainable.