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Fitness is all about being in good health, both physically and mentally, which can help you to lead a happy life. It’s important to remember that regardless of your current ability level, you can improve your fitness by adopting a healthy lifestyle. This includes modifying your eating habits, getting enough sleep, and engaging in regular physical activity. These changes can help you perform daily tasks with more ease and lead to an overall better quality of life.


One-to-one training is an ideal option for anyone looking for personalized attention during their workouts. You’ll receive a customized performance training program tailored to your previous workout experience, health history, injury history, goals, and training preferences. With this approach, you’ll achieve your fitness goals faster, with more accountability and motivation. and engaging in regular physical activity can all contribute to an improved ability to perform daily tasks and a better quality of life overall.


Discover Your Pathway to Wellness! Whether you want to improve your physical health, mental wellbeing, or both, we can help.

Performance Training

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Yes! You can book a FREE 15 minute phone call with one of our practitioners before you commit to visiting us at OFF THE GRID FIT. Click here to reserve a phone call.

OFF THE GRID FIT is dedicated to treating anyone interested in physical therapy, rehabilitation & strength training. Our practitioners have special expertise with rock climbers, runners, & outdoor athletes
OFF THE GRID FIT offers a variety of services designed to deliver you accessible & individualized, one-on-one skilled physical therapy sessions in order to resolve pain, restore motion, & enhance functional performance. Services include: manual therapy, dry needling, cupping, body tempering, therapeutic & performance exercises, strength assessments, spinal manipulation, and more! Click here to learn more.
OFF THE GRID FIT is a cash-based clinic. We do not bill your insurance. There are many restrictions and limitations we face with insurance, complicating our ability to give you the care and treatment you need. The cash-based model allows us to maximize your appointment time to provide you with accessible and individualized care.
OFF THE GRID FIT accept checks, cash, debit/credit cards, and HSA/FSA cards!

No, you do not need a referral in order to visit OFF THE GRID FIT. Colorado is a “direct access” state. You do not need a physician referral to see a licensed physical therapist. The only exception would be if your insurance requires one for out-of-network reimbursement. The physical therapist will refer you to a physician if they feel it is necessary after the initial evaluation.

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