Terree Marvin Portland Marathon 2014

Terree Marvin

Terree Marvin is a 53 year old grandmother (though she doesn’t look it) and an OFF THE GRID FIT Interactive Remote Coached athlete. She just finished the 2014 Portland Marathon.

I always ask my clients, what are your goals and more importantly, why are you doing this? The answer to these simple questions are often very insightful into who the client is and where their values are. I know that Terree had been plagued with nagging injuries and training setbacks that have kept her from accomplishing several goals that she had set for herself over the past few years. 

Here is Terree’s answer to my question:

She wanted to run the Portland Marathon and only had 6 weeks to prepare. “My goal for the marathon is to enjoy the ride  I feel like this is a huge step in getting back in the saddle. The amount of defeat and discouragement I have felt over these past couple of years, in my professional life and my athletic endeavors, caused me to loose heart. The thought of one more “failed” attempt made me feel like quitting, not a feeling I am too familiar with ;-( I really want to get back to where I did things for the simple pleasure and satisfaction of doing them. I want this marathon to be like the STP ride where I am amazed at how good I feel and can say at the end, “That was really fun!” You have no idea what a turning point Hood to Coast was for me. I am thankful for the excitement I feel towards the training and the marathon and want to keep it that way.”

Prior to starting her Interactive Remote Coaching, Terree’s longest run was only 10 miles. If you have ever trained for a marathon, you would know that 6 weeks to prepare is like cramming for a big test the night before. It’s not an easy task.

Terree reached out to us and we began Interactive Remote Coaching. During her 6 week marathon build, Terree posted the following performances:

1. Longest run of 20 miles
2. Dead lift 210lbs
3. Lunges with 115lbs
4. Run 5 miles in 40 minutes with 20 minutes of mandatory super slow jogging!!!

For Terree, it was WAY more then just running 26.2 miles for time. We were able to get her to the starting and finishing line without injury or illness. She was able to match a time for the same course from 6 years ago, with only 6 weeks of training. More importantly is the feeling of success she has gotten that will carry into her next goal. After a well deserved rest, Terree has informed me that she wants to train for an Olympic distance triathlon, this coming summer. Terree, your an amazing person and it has been my privilege to be part of this journey with you. On to the next goal!

Bob Cook MHS, PT


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