Carnivore, Omnivore, Herbivore, Low Carb, High Carb, Low Fat, High Fat, the list goes on and on,

That completely depends on who you are.

Fast vs Slow Metabolizers

This refers to how quickly your body processes different nutrients. We all come from different backgrounds and while we share many commonalities, we also share many unique differences.

Let me put it in a super simple way, you have a friend who is a slow metabolizer of carbs and since they pay attention to how the foods they eat make them feel. They have noticed over the years that too many carbs make them feel sluggish, not just after a meal, but the next day as well. Their exercise performance suffers and they are generally more irritable. When they eat a moderate to lower carb diet, they feel much more stable, energetic and happier. So your friend has concluded that carbs are bad. Does that mean that carbs are bad for everyone? I don’t think so.

NUTRIGENOMICS is the study of food on gene expression. It is a developing and untapped area of nutrition that could very well explode in the next 10 years. It is very individualistic.

What is ideal for one individual may not be ideal for another. We can’t simply look to what the person next to us is eating and say, well it works for them, it will work for me.

This is so much more about what you SHOULD eat, rather what you shouldn’t eat.

So, until the research is solid enough to create a working model, it makes a lot of sense to pay attention (without getting obsessive) to how different foods make you feel and affect your performance.