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Is your fitness program working for you?

How do you know?

If your fitness program is working, then you should consistently be making improvement. What kind of improvement? You should be able to do more work in less time. For example, If you can run 1 mile in 10 minutes, then over time you should see that time drop to say 9 minutes at the same percieved exertion. If this is not happening then your body is either being underworked or overworked. How do you know how much work you should be doing to get optimal results? You need to find your “sweet spot”. We call it “riding the wave”. When riding a wave, if you go too fast and ride out too far in front of the wave you can’t use the waves energy to push you forward and the wave will come crashing down on you. Lkewise, If you go too slow you will fall off the back of the wave and you will end up at a stand still waiting to catch the next wave. Progression in fitness is just like riding a wave. We are experts in helping you find your personal sweet spot.

OTGF started out of passion for movement and coaching. I am a licensed physiotherapist and have been coaching performance athletes since 1992. I have seen the good and the bad that movement and coaching have to offer. In response to this I have developed a system that takes an athlete’s current abilities and incorporates them into a strength and conditioning program that relies heavily on mixed modal training (the scientific, experiential and artful use of a multitude of different movement patterns to create a superior training stimulus) and to systematicaly and consistently progress them to a higher level of performance in their chosen sport or activity without increased risk of injury.

All workouts are customized to your current abilities.

How can we get ever increasing performance without increased risk of injury? We do this by focusing on developing the widest range of energy systems available as well as developing structural integrity throughout the body

Energy Systems – Your body runs on a continuum of energy supply from ATP resynthesis to the Phosphagen, Glycolytic and Oxidative pathways. Normal metabolism is never 100% one energy source, but a mixture of all of them. The need to operate on any conceivable mixture of energy supply allows an athlete to train longer and harder without excessive fatigue. The more gears you have the better you will be able to adapt to the current demands of any situation your placed in.

Structural Integrity – Forces are constantly traveling up and down our bodies. There is a complex system of pushing, pulling and torque systems throughout the body that must be balanced, otherwise your body is simply looking for the weakest link and eventually that link will break. The proper use of vectors (a way of explaining how energy is transmitted from one part of the body to another) in the human body is a key to superior athletic performance and longevity.


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Don’t waste your valuable training time! In 4 weeks time you could be a doing the same training sessions, getting lethargic, over/under-training, taking time off for aches pains and injury or you could be faster, stronger, more enduring and full of energy.

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