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Bob is an expert in tissue recovery, kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and nutrition. He has been dedicated to these fields since he was young, and after serving in the US Navy, he pursued a formal education in exercise physiology and physical therapy.

However, Bob quickly became disillusioned with the modern medical industry, and he decided to take matters into his own hands. Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he began integrating “functional movements” into his work, teaching people how to use their bodies in ways that are both safe and effective, long before it was considered main stream..

This passion for functional movement led Bob to pioneer the first CrossFit gym in Vancouver, Washington. As a competitive CrossFit athlete, coach, and gym owner, Bob has helped countless people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Today, Bob continues to train for anything that life can throw at him and his dedication to functional movement, medicine, and nutrition remains as strong as ever. He has partnered with his wife, who is an Osteopathic Physician and Functional Medicine specialist, to provide the best possible care for their clients.



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Off the Grid Fit reviews
My experience working with off the grid fit has allowed me to achieve success beyond what I thought possible. The goal specific programming and accountability has prepared me for the start all the through to the finish in a variety of events, marathons, spartan races, 70.3 Ironman, and a physique competition. All without injury and a sustainable conditioning for life. It is my plan to continue on with off the grid into old age to keep me fit for the greatest competition - Life! Thank you Bob!
Terree Marvin
Off the Grid Fit testimonials
My athlete high schoolers and myself have frequented visits to Bob as needed following surgeries and other injuries to get us back in peak performance! Bob is extremely knowledgeable and has taken the time and given the concern needed by a great doctor. His rehab appointments are thorough, He has he helped me and two of my sons through multiple knee injuries and shoulder injuries including meniscal tears, ACL partial tear, separated AC joint, tennis elbow, impinged bicep tendon... he’s easy to talk to, a great listener and very hands-on in your healing. He’s also as super athlete himself so a walking example of his work! And he’s the kind of doctor that if you see at the grocery store takes a few minutes to check on your progress! We will continue to see Bob to keep our bodies heathy and I am sure thankful he’s been there for us!
Rachael Drake
Physical Therapy review
Recently my 18 year old daughter has been training at Off The Grid Fit with Bob Cook 2-3 times a week. As a multi-sport athlete, the interruption COVID19 has had an impact on her sports conditioning and motivation. From their first session Bob began coaching her on the importance of nutrition and sleep, as well as accountability and consistency in her workouts. Participating in partner training at Off The Grid Fit, Bob pushes her past the threshold she previously thought unattainable. I have seen my daughter become more confident in her mental and physical strengths over the last few months. Having been previously trained by Bob Cook myself, in preparation for Ironman Canada, I can say for a surety that my finish line PR was the product of his coaching methodology!
Stacey Lake
Sports Medicine Clinic review
I had gone from looking up YouTube videos and sifting through so much information not knowing what would work. To always have a plan to follow and execute. The results followed shortly after. Definitely made exercise something I looked forward to everyday!
Be 'Pug' Truong
Off the Grid Fit review
Bob has been great to work with. After ankle surgery and a string of injuries I was nervous about hurting myself again, Bob was able to work with me to restabilize past injuries, help me be confident in movements and make progress towards my goals.
Carrie Jorgensen